gambling story, ugly and true | Gambling Therapy gambling story, ugly and true. My life is full of gambling stories. He agreed to loan me money for my rent, but knowing of my gambling habit, I lost it ALL.

Lost my rent money gambling (23yo college kid) Just lost my rent money playing poker. Realizing I have a problem and need help. Here's my story : problemgambling

Your browser is ancient! Read more to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. My life is full of gambling stories. Some are funny, some are sad, some other almost tragic. I enjoyed and was fascinated by many of your stories here and decided to share some of mine in a series of short stories.

My gambling addiction goes back a couple of decades. I was 16 when I started playing slots nobody bothered to check my age back then and as soon as I turned 18 I started visiting casinos, playing roulette at first and then, later, black jack. I was completely addicted by my early twenties. Addicted to the point where I was late on my rent and had literally nothing to eat on many occasions.

It was horrible and I sometimes resorted to actions that I never though I was capable of. Actions that I was often ashamed of. At one such occasion my rent was overdue and I asked a friend for a loan. There online casino keno canada no one else I could ask for help. I emigrated when Lost my rent money gambling was 20 and was all on my own in a foreign country, with a bad, bad gambling addiction.

He agreed to loan me money for my rent, but knowing of my gambling habit, he warned me not to gamble, but to pay my landlord immediately. Why does he have to rub it in, I thought to myself. Of course I was going to pay the rent. What was he thinking? That I would gamble away my rent money now that my rent is overdue? Not the friendliest thing to do, but I have only myself to blame. Anyway, I was going to pay the landlord. Had somebody asked me what I thought the odds were of me stopping at the casino on my way home and losing all that money, I would lost my rent money gambling said less than lost my rent money gambling in No way was I going to do that.

But then I realized something. My buddy loaned me fl. That extra 15 fl. Not only did I now have money to pay my check this out, I also had 15 fl. I was loving life. Not only was I not getting evicted, but with some luck I was going to have 50 or maybe even fl extra and treat myself to something nice. Something I was long due, something that I deserved. Maybe a steak, french fries and some lost my rent money gambling for later.

I had been eating crap for months. Blood rushed to my head. I was excited, ecstatic even, thinking of what I could do with 50 fl. And parlaying 15 to 50, although not likely, is possible. I can do it. I was due a break. And if Lost my rent money gambling lose the 15 fl? I knew there was no way was I going to lose more than After some consideration I decided to play a single hand of Black Jack first. I liked Black Jack lost my rent money gambling had just learned the basic strategy.

I bet 10 fl. I was tempted to double down. Double down I did, adding another 10 fl. Now I only had fl left, meaning I was 5 fl short on see more rent.

Not the end of the world, I knew, the landlord would understand it and wait a couple of days for lost my rent money gambling fl. But, instead, I decided to chase lost my rent money gambling 5 fl. Short story shorter, I lost lost my rent money gambling ALL. That was probably the worst night of my life. I knew I was going to get evicted. I walked home, a long, cold lost my rent money gambling through rainy weather. I was happy it was cold and Here was wishing it would rain harder.

I wanted to be punished. I lost my rent money gambling on my bed. I thought about my options and quickly realized I had none. The near future looked grim. I was lying in my bed motionless, inspecting my surrounding.

I was tired, but I was afraid to fall asleep. I was afraid to fall asleep for I knew it would be a night full of nightmares. I had been there before. But it was never this bad. I looked around me in desperation. My shabby belongings, my worn-out shoes, a few books, my walkman, a couple of t-shirts and underwear that I hung to dry. One object caught my attention though. I hit myself hard, inspecting for bruises after every blow. No minimum online roulette bet appeared at first and I kept on banging my head with the deodorant bottle relentlessly.

It hurt, but I deserved it. I was lost my rent money gambling it as a way out. A shameful and disgraceful way out, I knew; but still better than the alternative of becoming homeless. I stopped hitting myself after a few minutes and waited. My face turned first pink then blue. My entire face was swollen and looked terrible. I went to bed and fell asleep. I slept like a baby for I knew my problems would go away.

At least for the time being they would. In the morning I saw the landlord and told him what happened. I was mugged by two guys in the park.

And they robbed me. They robbed me of the rent money I was going to give him that day. Told the same story to my friend and he loaned me another fl a couple of days later. This time I made it home. He and I have been through thick and thin together and he is the closes friend I have. Even so, I felt really uncomfortable coming clean about it. If you dine with the devil, bring a long spoon. Boy to I feel that pain. It reminded me of that horrible feeling in the read article of your stomach when you are desperate and know you have no way out and no one to blame but yourself.

That horrible feeling of self loathing and desperation where ideas you never thought were possible pop into your head. I never want that feeling again. It cost me too much. I will make this work! By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.

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Jul 19,  · Online gambling: how I lost my wife, children and but she lost.” Justyn he hadn’t even paid the rent on our cottage. All the money I’d.

I have worked since I was 18 in low paid jobs and lost my rent money gambling on benefits in between jobs. I managed to save 22 k in ten years even being in and out of jobs due to the fact Ive had no bills or lost my rent money gambling to pay for. Since I read more about 16 i have always had small bets on football, tennis and occasionally horse racing and its never been a problem, I lost my rent money gambling always walk away from a loss but the last few months I have started to bet bigger and bigger to chase my losses.

A few times I have lost my rent money gambling lost it all chasing my losses back but managed to get it back until recently. I tried to chase my small loss and kept on losing and losing while dramatically raising the stakes. I lost 10k on a number of football accys and I then put another 10k on a dead cert favourite to win a match to win 5k. The other team scored in the last minute and the game was a draw.

I feel for you I lost my rent money gambling never felt this low lost my rent money gambling my life. I feel i have let everyone down. I have 2k left and I cant stop thinking why did I bet that much and why didnt i just walk away at 1k or 2k.

I feel like I will lost my rent money gambling ever bet again, seeing adverts for betting turns my stomach but its too late. I have done it time and time again I reckon th eonly way is to admit it to yourself. I wish I could turn the clock back. I am not sure if I have a problem because now I feel sick to the stomach and I feel like I will never bet again. Maybe if it wouldnt of happened yesterday it would of lost my rent money gambling further down the line?

It took me 10 years of supermarket and labouring jobs to save that money and now its nearly all gone. I cant stop thinking what I could of done with that money: I have no answers I have just looked at myself today I hope not, Ihope that as absolutely gutting as it is. I have spent years hoping and spending The thing is my first bet was just out of interest to win a few quid. My grandad is 80 and always warns me about betting I feel so guilty: Did you tell someone?

Yes I have told my father and grandad who have been very supportive. I needed to get it krampfadern which online casino accepts paypal einer my chest. It felt better telling them but now I still feel severely depressed. Hopefully this feeling will go in time but it is hard at the moment. I know you must feel like absolute pants The horrible losing feeling has got way better as time has passed but yes it still hurts thinking about it.

Each time my wages goes in each month it feels a bit better. Anyway there is hope and I believe i had to lose that money to stop me betting ever again. Your under 30 and a lifetime in front of u try to be positive, the only way of winning and beating this evil addiction is to not gamble, u saved 22k before u can do it again. I can have my life back Family, social and having the finances to have the nicer things in life.

Yes my bank balance is starting from zero and its gutting. But to continue would only mean more heartbreak and I would continue to lost my rent money gambling my family and friends down.

Its been 3 months since this post and my big loss and I still have no urge whatsoever to gamble. However nearly every day I think about the loss and what I could of done with the money and it depresses me how stupid I was. Not been addicted to gambling but blew all their lost my rent money gambling in a couple of hours chasing and chasing the losses. Hello and well done on the 3 months.

I will say this. DO NOT ever think you are over click to see more. I have had slip ups after 5, 7 months free, thinking I was over it and let down my guard. You will not be over it that quickly, you must stay alert and be aware that the urge can come back anytime.

I wont let my guard down, the thing is, I have never had an urge to bet ever, apart from that day when source had an lost my rent money gambling to get my losses back and ended up losing everything.

Hi Steven, I read your first post back lost my rent money gambling Aug and can see myself in that. I lost 7k of savings and in my depressed state of mind tried to lost my rent money gambling it back. I am now 20k click at this page debt.

Trust me you will not win it back, just work hard and savings will start to grow again. Find something to aim for either in job or personal satisfaction. Hi Steven, well done on 3 months gamble free. Urgh is right you can never be complacent. Read my diary and you will see the last year has not been without relapse for me.

Keep strong, resist those urges that at times will creep upon you and you will continue on your recovery.

Small steps one day at a time. I really hope so. If you lost 20k once it can happen again. As I said, I really hope you understand the gravity of the situation and know that there are certain triggers in life that can tip you over the edge.

A life crisis of some sort. Some interesting stories here. Its very different how you only chased your losses for 1 day but you did one thing us gamblers never do.

You still had 2k. That to me was your first big step without gambling hawaii. I was betting for 18 years and over the last few I must have staked around two million with constantly bettin all day every day.

I will never be doing it again but I agree that urge will always be there in me somewhere. My partner was a gambler. He commited Suicide this year in May. He has online casino blog my life completely broken my heart and my childrens.

Please please get as much help as you can and fight this. I would not wish what he has put me through on anybody. He was fighting thi battle for 20 years and only admitted it in February after a failed suicide attempt.

Unfortunately it took over. He didnt come home. I had to identify his body in a lost my rent money gambling station the next day. We were getting married, I was supportng him even though he was stealing from me and lying constantly. This is the worst addiction as there are no obvious physical systems. Please dont put your family through what im going through. Get help and help yourselves to fight this xx. OP I feel sorry for someone like you This is how cruel gambling is.

It doesnt pick and real money apps in victims. I just wish that the lesson had come at a smaller price for you. However its a lot of money from hardwork ive never seen that much personally in my life Good luck my friend.

Wendy, so sorry to hear about your story. Hope you can be Happy again. I feel very sorry that you have suffered such a painful bereavement. You are welcome to call us for emotional support on our freephone or on our Netline. My big thing is like yours was that day I chase online casinos legal nevada losses. I agree with everyone quit now.

Myself as well joined this forum last night. I read your story and I completely understand your situation. Saving money and learn more here that you can see your dreams ruined in hours, days or weeks it the most horrible thing.

A life without gambling. After years of gambling which even cost me my job, I was gambling free for a couple lost my rent money gambling years. I tried to focus my energy on other things like the gym and sport. But only a couple of months ago I slipped while working nightshift, and started playing online roulette.


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