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Currency linked deposit hkma

Home News Blog Tools Study. Navigation To effectively navigate our currency linked deposit hkma and quickly find the information you currency linked deposit hkma It is a government authority currency linked deposit hkma on 1 April via the currency linked deposit hkma of "Office of the Exchange Fund" and the "Office of the Commissioner of Banking". The organisation reports directly to the Financial Secretary.

The fund was established and managed originally by the "Currency Ordinance" in It is now named the "Exchange Fund Ordinance". It currency linked deposit hkma also responsible for promoting the efficiency, integrity and development of the financial system. The role of issuing other banknotes is delegated to the note-issuing banks in the territory, namely the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Standard Chartered Bank and the Bank of China.

Sincethe HKMA has entered into a stability pact with central banks in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia to engage in repurchase agreements, which provide liquidity on click to see more two-way basis. Its main functions are: The principal function of the HKMA as banking supervisor is to promote the general stability and effective working of the banking system in Hong Kong.

The HKMA seeks to ensure that banks and deposit-taking companies in Hong Kong operate in an effective, responsible, honest and business-like manner to provide a measure of protection to depositors.

The HKMA are more functions: Under the currency linked deposit hkma rule that governs the Currency Board system, any change in the Monetary Base - whether increase or decrease - must be matched by corresponding changes in foreign reserves.

The Financial Secretary is responsible for determining the monetary policy objective and the structure of the monetary system of Hong Kong.

The Monetary Authority is responsible for achieving the monetary policy objective, including determining the strategy, instrument and operational means for doing so, and for maintaining the stability and integrity of the monetary system of Hong Kong. It extended the service to other Hong Kong dollar debt securities in late The Interest Rate Adjustment Mechanism is an automatic system that maintains the stability of the Hong Kong dollar exchange rate.

As with any monetary system not based on a fiat money which includes currency boards, currency unions and the traditional Gold Standard it is impossible to use online online casino vegas policy in order to stabilize the business cycle: In Hong Kong, this is made this web page by two factors: The second factor is the scarce political clout of the trade unions, which makes it easier to trim the nominal salaries currency linked deposit hkma recessionary times.

Currency linked deposit hkma Stability mainly depends on the System and Supervision". A "Three-Tier System" was implemented in the s. Institutions are also managed differently depending on whether they are categorised as Licensed Banks, Restricted License Bank or Deposit-taking Institutions.

Overseas banks may also establish local representative offices in Hong Kong. It purchased 14 floors in tower 2. The 88th floor of the tower contains the office of the Chief Executive of the HK Monetary Authority, and is served by an individual lift.

The HKMA seeks to follow international best practices in its transparency arrangements. The HKMA places great emphasis on promoting a wide understanding of its policies and work. This is done through extensive contacts with the media, a range of regular publications, a comprehensive website, a public enquiries service and an educational programme. Financial infrastructure consists of the systems and channels through which payments and settlements are made.

A well-developed financial infrastructure allows financial institutions to: Hong Kong dollars, US dollars, euros and renminbi; support cross-border PvP foreign exchange transactions between two currency pairs: US dollar Malaysian ringgit US dollar Indonesian rupiah trade and hold multi-currency-denominated debt securities. Hong Currency linked deposit hkma now hosts the largest offshore renminbi liquidity pool, and is a global hub for renminbi trade settlement and bond issuance.

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Hong Kong Monetary Authority | Exchange Currency

Additional text has been added to aid users who may be using screen readers to view this site. If you are reading this text on your screen then either, the style sheet CSS file has failed to load, in which case you should refresh your screen or, your browser may not support style sheets.

Find out more about which support style sheets on the World Wide Web Consortium website. What follows is a few links to some of the important pages. If you wish to skip this you can. Offer various currency combinations for you to suit your foreign exchange investment need. This is a structured investment product involving derivatives. The investment decision is yours but you should not invest in this product unless the intermediary who sells it to you has explained to you that the product is suitable for you having regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives.

You should not invest in this product based on this webpage alone. You should seek independent professional advice if needed. Currency-Linked Go here comprise of a time deposit and a currency option. When you place a Currency-Linked Deposit, you are, in fact, setting up click here time deposit and at the same time selling a currency option.

The option premium from the sale of the currency option helps to deliver a yield that is potentially higher than that of time deposit with same tenor.

Deposit amount and interest at maturity will be paid in either the Deposit Currency or Linked Currency, depending on the Fixing Rate at the fixing time on the fixing date as compared to currency linked deposit hkma Strike Currency linked deposit hkma. The following illustrative examples are hypothetical and provided for illustration purpose only.

They do not represent all possible outcomes or describe all possible factors that may affect the payout under CLD. You should not reply on these examples when making an investment decision. Under this scenario, assuming you convert the deposit amount and interest received in the Linked Currency at maturity to the Deposit Currency at the Fixing Rate, customer is then exposed to the currency devaluation risk of the Linked Currency.

The loss due to currency devaluation may offset the interest earned on the CLD and may even result in significant losses in the deposit amount of CLD. In the worst case, you may lose your entire deposit amount. The Bank becomes insolvent or defaults on its obligations Assuming that the Bank currency linked deposit hkma insolvent during the tenor of click the following article product or defaults on its obligations under this product, you currency linked deposit hkma only claim as its unsecured creditor.

In the worst case, you may get nothing back and suffer a total loss of your deposit amount. The following risk disclosure statements are currency linked deposit hkma exhaustive.

You are recommended to seek independent professional advice before making any investment decision. You should carefully consider whether such product is suitable for you in light of your financial situation, investment experience and objective. Option transactions involve risks, especially when selling an option. Although the premium received from selling an option is fixed, you may sustain a loss well in excess of such premium amount, and your loss could be substantial.

Limited potential gain - The maximum potential gain is limited to the interest payment. Maximum potential loss - CLD is not principal protected: During the Deposit Period, you have no rights in the Linked Currency, and movements in the exchange rate of the Linked Currency may not lead to any corresponding change in your return on CLD. Movements in exchange rates can be unpredictable, sudden and drastic, and affected by complex political and economic factors.

Any such exchange rate movement may adversely affect currency linked deposit hkma financial return or result in a loss under the CLD. If the Fixing Rate is not quoted or is unavailable, the Bank currency linked deposit hkma, acting in good currency linked deposit hkma and in a commercially reasonable manner, determine the Fixing Rate. Click at this page any event the decision of the Bank shall be binding and conclusive.

Liquidity risk - You cannot early terminate the CLD and should be prepared to hold this product until maturity. There is no secondary market for CLD. Credit risk of the Bank - CLD is not secured by any collateral. You will be exposed to the credit risk of the Bank and will not receive interest payment or may even lose the entire deposit amount if the Bank becomes insolvent or defaults in performing its obligations.

Currency risk - You are subject to risk of fluctuations in foreign exchange. If the Linked Currency depreciates, you will receive the deposit amount and interest in the Linked Currency at the Strike Rate at maturity. If you convert the amount received in the Linked Currency back to the Deposit Currency, the loss arising from devaluation of the Linked Currency may offset the interest earned on the product, and may even result in significant or even entire losses in the deposit amount of the product.

There is a risk that loss may be incurred as a result of investing in the product. RMB is not freely convertible at present. The actual conversion arrangement will depend on the restrictions prevailing at the relevant time. Risks of early termination by the Bank - The Bank has the right but not the obligation to terminate this product early upon occurrence of certain events. If this product is currency linked deposit hkma by the Bank early, you may suffer a substantial loss under this product.

This webpage does not itself constitute any offer of, or invitation by or on behalf of China CITIC Bank International Limited the "Bank" to any person to purchase or sell or acquire or invest in any investment products.

The Bank is the product issuer, which is an authorized institution under the Banking Ordinance and is regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. This webpage is issued by the Bank. Be served by our professional staff at our branches, or opt for currency linked deposit hkma banking via our automated channels — the choice is yours.

Second level navigation — Personal: Securities Poker casino in europe Services H. Capital Investment Entrant Scheme. How Currency-Linked Deposit works? To start investing in Currency-Linked Deposit, you need to: Select a Deposit Currency Select a Linked Currency that you expect to appreciate against or stay put with the Deposit Currency Select a Strike Rate Choose a deposit tenor Deposit amount and interest at maturity will be paid in either the Deposit Currency or Linked Currency, depending on the Fixing Rate at the fixing time on the fixing date as compared to the Strike Rate: If the Linked Currency has strengthened or remains unchanged against the Deposit Currency, you will receive deposit amount currency linked deposit hkma interest in the Deposit Currency; Or If the Linked Currency has depreciated against the Deposit Currency, your deposit amount and interest will be converted to the Linked Currency at the Strike Rate.

HKD Interest Rate p. Risk Disclosure Statements The following risk disclosure statements are not exhaustive. Already placed CLD before? Login i-banking to place iCLD. Careers We offer a range of rewarding careers from trainee to management level. See currency linked deposit hkma job listings.

How does a Dual Currency Deposit work?

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