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This was a result of the Asian financial crisis, which caught up with online casinos nj 2016 Philippines in It grew by only 3. With a high population growth rate of 2. Peso Drops 14 Times vs. He said that the per capita income of P12, in is only P higher than P12, in Senator Recto also noted that the value of the peso has depreciated by as much as 1, percent against the dollar since Each decile was representing about 8 million Filipinos.

P13, While the per capita income declined between andprices of consumer goods and services increased by connect 88 online casino hiring 20 percent during the three-year period or over six percent annually. The five other regions with lower poverty levels are all located in Luzon. The NSCB placed the poverty incidence in the country the proportion of families with per see more incomes below the poverty threshold at In terms of population, poverty incidence was estimated at 34 percent inalso up from 33 percent in It was followed by four other regions in Luzon, with Region 3 Connect 88 online casino hiring Luzon registering a poverty incidence of 17 percent; Region 4 Southern Tagalog About 49 percent of families in Bicol were suffering from poverty read more All regions in the Visayas had over 30 percent of poverty incidence.

Region 6 Western Visayas had a poverty incidence of All regions in Mindanao also had click to see more 30 percent of poverty incidence. Region 9 Western Mindanao had a poverty incidence of According to the Commission on Population Popcomthe figure could have further climbed to 32 million or 40 read more of the population in In terms of number of families, poverty incidence affected Real number of poor families climbed to 5.

A survey conducted by the local poll group Social Weather Stations SWS showed that 58 percent of its 1, respondents had considered themselves poor. The survey, conducted on March 4 to 23,also disclosed that 52 percent of respondents believed that their quality of life had deteriorated over the past 12 months while only 15 percent said otherwise.

In real connect 88 online casino hiring, however, the number of families with access to safe drinking water climbed by 6. In real number, this translates to The independent research agency based its computation on data from the National Wage Commission.

Ibon said that the daily cost of living for a family of six was P in Metro Manila connect 88 online casino hiring P in the whole country, as of April About 6 percent of the households surveyed also claimed that they were experiencing hunger often or always.

Only less than 2. Only Cambodia, with 35 percent or more of its population being undernourished, was worse off than the Philippines. The FAO reported that there are some million undernourished people in the world today while the World Bank said about 1. Some 25, people reportedly die of hunger and poverty each day. Measured annually, around six million children under the age of five are dying of hunger. Nearly 50 percent had no bank savings.

As ofthere were 1. According to the NSO, 4 million out of the total 25 million Filipino children were working during the survey period from October 1, to September 30, Most of these working children were male, aged 10 to 17 years old, unskilled and unpaid. They worked as farmers, fishermen, hunters, vendors, and factory workers.

Somechildren did heavy physical work; 1. These figures were consistent with the findings of an international institution. Around 67 percent of these children were working in the agricultural sector and had to stop going to school. About 50 percent of the children were feeding their respective families. In a separate study conducted by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute FNRIthree out of 10 Filipino pre-schoolers were found malnourished or underweight in In actual numbers, there were 3.

Metro Manila alone had at least 75, street children. ECPAT claimed that many children in the street were working as pickpockets and beggars and that around 60, children were either sexually exploited or driven to prostitution.

According to the Dangerous Drugs Board,children were using illegal substance, particularly rugby. Functional illiteracy refers to the inability of a person to use his skills in reading, writing and counting to improve his life. In comparison, only In particular, prices of fuel, light and water increased by an average of Rice in the Philippines reportedly costs three times as much as it does in Thailand.

For example, a milligram tablet of Adalat Retard or Nifedine 20 that cost over P34 in the Philippines in was only priced at about P5. The number of disabled driver included 2, partially blind, 56 with impaired hearing and speech, with impaired lower limbs and with impaired upper limbs. Philippine Justice System According to the Supreme Court, about 45 percent of Philippine courts - regional trial courts, municipal connect 88 online casino hiring, and municipal circuit trial courts - had no connect 88 online casino hiring as of September Meanwhile, the Department of Justice said there was a 22 percent vacancy in positions of prosecutors in the whole country.

Just how the courts administered justice with such a wide vacancy in positions of judges and prosecutors paints a picture of disillusionment among victims waiting impatiently for justice. The vacancy in these positions usually means delay in the implementation of justice, which connect 88 online casino hiring turn discourages people from actually filing cases in courts.

President Arroyo ordered that the number of signatures be trimmed to P35 Billion Lost to Project Anomalies The chairman of the Article source on Appropriations at the lower chamber of Congress said the Philippine government lost P21 billion to graft and corruption casino makati online hiring from scheming contracts entered into by senators and congressmen in The amount excluded money lost to corruption involving projects executed by other government officials.

Meanwhile, Senator Edgardo Angara said that around P35 billion is lost to graft and corruption in government infrastructure projects annually. Such anomalies come connect 88 online casino hiring the form of rigged public bidding, substandard work and cost padding. P21 Billion Lost to Procurement Process The Philippine government has been losing some P21 billion to corrupt officials involved in the procurement process, the none-government organization Procurement Watch Inc. At the same time, a survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations SWS connect 88 online casino hiring that 15 percent of click cost of all government contracts is lost to corruption.

P Billion Pork Barrel Aside from legislating laws, Filipinos senators and congressmen have made it their responsibility to distribute development projects in their respective districts.

Each one of the 24 senators receives some P million in development funds annually while each one of about congressmen receives P million in annual appropriations. In total, all these development funds for legislators, collectively known as procurement budget or pork barrel, amount to P billion annually.

According to House appropriations committee chairman Rolando Andaya Jr. The Philippines received a score of 8. PERC said Singapore was the least corrupt in the region, with a score article source 0.

In a separate survey also inTransparency International TI ranked the Philippines 77th among countries in terms of fighting graft and corruption. The Philippines got a score of 2. Finland was connect 88 online casino hiring number 1, with a score of 9. Bangladesh was at the bottom of the list, with a score of 1.

Connect 88 online casino hiring billion Ill-Gotten Wealth Recovered In its claim as ofthe Presidential Commission on Good Government said that it has recovered a total of P85 billion in ill-gotten wealth since it was created in According connect 88 online casino hiring Senator Ralph Recto, of the total individual income tax returns filed in1.

In real amount, ordinary workers paid some P The senator disclosed that about Over the past 11 years, leakage from the individual income tax amounted to P billion. This was on top of the P billion that were lost to leakage in the value added tax VAT scheme.

In its study, the Department of Finance said some P These incentives came in the form of income tax holidays and duty-free importation of raw materials from other countries. While the government spent P Debt online gambling regulation france or payments to interests of domestic and foreign borrowings reached P To augment its budget requirements inthe government sourced 87 percent of its total financing from domestic funds and 13 percent from foreign loans and aid.

The government relied heavily on fixed-rate Treasury bonds as it issued P The situation was worse in The government said the budget deficit would climb to P billion or 5. The original target was only 4 percent. Budget deficit is expected to reach at least P billion in Of the budget, some P Public debt was placed at P2.

This was followed by several attempts to repeat the ugly May 1 mob rebellion staged by go here of deposed President Joseph Estrada. In a Senate resolution, Senator Blas Ople urged the chamber to assess the merits of "people power" as an instrument of political change and its constitutional implications. In a national survey conducted by the University of the Philippines UP Center for Leadership, Citizenry and Democracy in Novemberonly one of three Filipino respondents or 34 percent claimed they were satisfied with the way democracy works in the country.

In contrast, about 42 percent of the respondents said otherwise. Violent Elections A manifestation of poor peace and order situation in the Philippines is the death of at least 87 people in the barangay village connect 88 online casino hiring Sangguniang Kabataan Youth Council elections in July The police said another 45 individuals were injured in violent confrontations among candidates and their henchmen.

Ironically, the police described the situation as generally peaceful because fewer people died this year, compared with previous barangay elections. On July 15, the Filipino people elected 41, barangay chairmen, a similar number of youth leaders andbarangay council members. is a place to share and follow research.

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